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October 6, 2008

The big trend emerging in Kitchen design today is the absence of tiles and substituting it with the back painted glass. The glass backsplash painted in a colour of choice is a great way to create a modern looking kitchen – even in combination with wood, it looks very contemporary and easy to maintain.



September 30, 2008

A warm contrast of white and wood. The kitchen is charecterised by Frameless cabinets with updated Shaker-style doors in two hues—enamel-glazed latté above, and toffee-stained cherry below—help to accomplish the look. Dishes and dry goods fill glass-front cabinets and acrylic-front drawers.These designs are perfect for an ecelectic look of a modern kitchen


September 26, 2008

Second Nature , a famous kitchen supplier /retailer in the UK presents the luxurious and the contemporary kitchen range of Milton. Milton Walnut kitchen designs embodies essential elements of style to inject sophistication into the home with its classical in-frame design and distinctive walnut colouring adding luxurious warmth to the scheme.


September 26, 2008

Unique kitchen with a shine which is also handless. The high-gloss glass doors inlaid in real aluminium frames are imprinted on the back with a continuous wood grain. This kitchen design is an example of high gloss palisander, with a worktop of graphite finish. This is a perfect example of modern kitchen designs.


September 22, 2008

An advanced concept modern kitchen design with a touch of class. This Kitchen design features ease of use such as the touch surface. There’s a built-in scale and the cooktop in this modern kitchen interfaces with your bluetooth enabled phone to set up grocery lists. The modern kitchen inteface only reacts to human touch making it awesome. For steaming or heating small portions of food the containers fit inside a perforated metal sheet which slots into the tray, then in turn into the steamer. Now only if this modern kitchen were accompanied by a great cook as you wife , would life be great???